“La Piola” is an Italian restaurant and bar specialising in dishes from the ”Piemonte” region of Italy, and promotes Italian wines, aperitif and coffee.

Pelissero Wine Dinner, Friday, 30th March

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La Piola” is a space for Hong Kong social life in which people are able to get to know and experience the tradition of the land of Piedmont. Our aim is to expand people’s culinary views and taste, and take them for a journey through this land.

The first priority is quality in terms of products, dining experience, ambiance and atmosphere. The message that people will get when they walk through the door is that they are now getting to be a part of a small community, and experiencing a different culture. La Piola is carrying the traditional style of Piedmont’s Tavern where wine, food and good company are the centre of attention. Most of our dishes are based on the traditional Piedmont cuisine.

Piedmont is also renowned for producing the best varieties of rice in the world, the hills of Langhe are very famous for its Barbaresco and Barolo wines. Also risotto dishes are very popular in this area of Italy.