“La Piola” is an Italian restaurant and bar specialising in dishes from the ”Piemonte” region of Italy, and promotes Italian wines, aperitif and coffee.

22.6.2011 | South China Morning Post - Good Eating.

Authentic Piedmont
The Piedmont region in northwest Italz is known for its rich culinarz flavours and great wines, and both these traits do not amiss in La Piola, an Italian rastaurant and wine bar on Lyndhurst Terrace. more >

La Piola on Lyndhurst Terrace

A brand new Italian restaurant has opened on Lyndhurst Terrace called La Piola. Meaning 'Tavern' in Italian, the restaurant is designed to give local diners an authentic Italian experience, socializing over a glass of wine and enjoying delicious homemade, hearty food cooked in the Piedmont style. more >


Located at the junction of Wellington Street and Lyndhurst Terrace, La Piola is a two-story Italian bar and restaurant which focuses on the Piedmont style of cooking. The restaurant's name, “Piola”, means “Tavern” in the Piedmont dialect. La Piola is a place to socialize... more >

La Piola

Italy. It's famous for its fast cars, curvaceous women, and men who seem to pull off skin tight white jeans and tiny scooters with style. But it's best known for its food, and for good reason. With a heritage of using only the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients, and with recipes ... more >

La Piola: a journey through the land of Piedmont

The newest Italian restaurant in town has opened on 8 Lyndhurst Terrace and it's called La Piola ('Tavern' in Italian). more >